COVID-19 NOTICE:  In an abundance of caution, our firm is fully operational but we are limiting outside visitors to our office at this time. Attorneys and staff may be working remotely, but continue to be active on all current and new client matters. Please call or email the office as you normally would for assistance. We are also available for virtual meetings via zoom. Our primary goal is to continue to provide excellent services while also doing our best to ensure the health and safety of our staff and clients. We greatly appreciate your understanding and flexibility during this time.

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Law Office of Elizabeth Pendzich, PC

Fees & Hours

Elizabeth Pendzich

17A Royal Street, SE, Leesburg, VA 20175

(703) 669-1900

Fax: (703) 669-2000

In family law matters, attorneys generally charge by the hour for their time.  Our charges are based on a reasonable hourly rate that is established at the time you retain us as your counsel.  In order to be as efficient and fair as possible in our billing, we bill for all services by the tenth of an hour (rather than by the quarter hour). 

We bill only for productive time spent on a case or transaction.  All cases require a cash deposit, which is deposited into our trust account and debited on a monthly basis for all work done on your case.  You will receive a detailed monthly bill itemizing all work performed on your behalf.    You will be asked to maintain, and replenish as needed, your balance in our trust account.  The exact amount of your deposit will be determined after our initial consultation and will depend on the complexity of your case.

In addition to legal fees, you will be responsible for charges such as:  delivery charges, court filing fees, court reporter charges, travel time, postage.  You will be responsible for paying third party vendors directly.  However, we never “mark up” cost disbursements on services such as courier fees, court reporter fees or copying fees.

We are always pleased to discuss billing policies, invoices, and ways to keep legal expenses reasonable with our current and prospective clients.

 Hours – Our offices are open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday.  We will do our best to accommodate requests for evening or Saturday appointments.    We encourage you to make an appointment by calling the office or sending us an email by visiting our Contact page here.